AN ABC BREAKFAST | 纽约未名诗歌 · 第201期

编者的话 这首诗是作者几年前回中国探亲时所作。ABC小诗人在白昼与黑夜的对调中,以敏锐的触角感受和体验生活与文化的差异,并以对比的方式细腻地表达出对于环境,传统及美食的观察,更用丰盛的早餐凸显出祖父母深深的疼爱。正像本刊资深编辑张达红所评论的,“Annie一下子就抓住了中国文化的核心,中国的grandparents 很少说‘我爱你’,但总是做好多好吃的”。

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ABC refers to American Born Chinese


In the motherland, in the morning, at six-thirty,

the sun is perpendicular to the barren ground

and I am reminded: over the years, how my maternal


and paternal grandparents politely fought

over where my sister and I would eat, and how we

ended up eating six meals a day. In their minds, they were


somehow making up for lost time, as we grew up

in the other hemisphere, as we awakened

with their hazy sunset, slept with their smoky sunrise.


Somehow, our receptiveness to their feeding

was their idea of the  response of love. We eat a


feast of cratered moons for breakfast, as they

disappear from the Nanpi sky, hollow patches

atop the porridge’s gentle skin. The soft pumpkin, battered


and bruised, a refuge fortiny corn meal specks

that tickle my tongue with each spoonful. At the table, they

nudge the delicate bowls closer to us, telling us


to eat more, because we are too skinny,

and when you are too skinny, that is a sign of

poverty: you don’t have enough money to feed

your children adequately. We aren’t


poor, but our grandmas and grandpas

refuse to let their pride be tarnished by the neighborhood


gossips and so we thank them for their hospitality,

and go home, back to America, where we indulge

in greasy sausages and frozen waffles.


— from 2018 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry

Annie Li: “I like to write poetry because it reminds me of the power of words and its 

ability to connect people together!

【作者简介】 Annie Li (李安艺)is a college freshman, interested in studying English/Creative Writing and Sociology. Her creative works have been recognized by the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Writers Theatre of New Jersey, the New Jersey Governor’s Awards in Art Education, Rattle, LILIPOH, The Claremont Review, and Aerie International. She was named the New Jersey Youth Poet Laureate for Central Jersey in 2018, and Atlanta Youth Poet Laureate runner-up and ambassador in 2019.


【责任编辑/主编】 李国青 / 杨光

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